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Tips to Buy Men Leather Bag

As is the case with leather jackets and shoes, you wish choosing a bag that’s fashioned out of full-grain leather. This is leather of premium quality that taken on an ever better look following several years of use.

The finest leathers build up a striking patina, which is that sheeny , weathered, look that a material acquires with aging and the finer the quality, the superior the patina. You can’t get this with leather that’s been heavily treated or additional lesser grades.

Keep away from bags crafted from bonded leather. They don’t t age well and lack that discrete, pleasant leather smell.

Tanning method

The leathers made use of for cases and bags haven’t ever been made the identical way. You require knowing the dissimilarities between a couple of key tanning methods that are chrome and vegetable tanning.

The some process involves the use of chromium and additional harsh chemicals. It’s completed with two days and this is the reason behind their low price.

In vegetable tanning the cowhides undergo a pre-tanning phase where they’re rehydrated with every hair removed. As the complete process is more extended, the greater part of vegetable tanned leather items are inclined to be chunkier and more rigid than leather that’s chrome tanned. This is the reason behind vegetable tanning working the finest for a higher end bag. The leathers are better-quality compared to their chrome tanned equivalents in character, sturdiness and holding capacity. They’re branded for their archetypal leather smell & first-rate patina.

Nation of Origin & building

On numerous occasions, the origin of leather establishes the bag’s quality. We are familiar with a few of the nations that always create leather of excellent quality like England, Italy, USA, and France. If history is anything to go by such nations have a first-class background of tanning leather excellently.

However, now you require somewhat more discretion, particularly when the matter is of labels. Several companies try and make the most of the “Italy” status by doing all of the work in a different country and merely completing leather in Italy.

You should look out for first-rate leather whose hide choice and tanning are executed in Italy / additional reputable nations.

Sturdiness & Handwork

The ultimate bag is capable of holding a definite weight and also be shifted about without experiencing any weakening. That’s the reason for the importance of grain. Full-grain leather creates the most hard-wearing bags. However, top-grain leather’s a more inexpensive substitute that also does the job.

The stitching on top of any bag must be straight, hardly visible and sans any free threads. It’s vital that you verify the inner as well as outer surfaces to verify this.

The handles must also be joined to the body using toughened stitching / metal fixtures.


Ahead of purchasing men leather bags, scrutinize all their little parts’ quality. The features that you must check close are:

  • Handles
  • Buckles
  • Metallic rings
  • Locks
  • Zippers
  • Shoulder strap fittings