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Retro Style Eyeglass Frames

Cat-eye Frames

One of the most popular frames for eyeglasses comes in the cat-eye frames. These work well for women of all ages since the upswept outer corners lift the features of the face making the wearer appear more stylish and young. These feline-inspired frames can come in exaggerated or subtle styles and some of them are adorned with decorative accents.

Wayfarer Frames

The thick and structured Wayfarer frames have been popular for many years now. They have made comebacks every few years and never really went out of style. They are a favorite amongst both men and women since they are sturdy and tend to suit most face shapes. These comes in a range of colors that you can choose to suit your style.

Aviator Frames

The teardrop-shaped aviator frames have risen in popularity for both eyeglasses and sunglasses. Aviators suit everyone and look great with both casual and formal clothing. They were first developed in 1920’s and have been one of the most sought-after vintage eyeglasses since then.

Round-wire Framed

Round-wire frames, sometimes known as granny glasses, were released way before John Lennon made them famous. They became a part of his iconic image and consequently remained popular in the 1960’s and 70’s. These have made a huge comeback now. They can add softness to the sharp and strong features of people with square-shaped faces.

Browline Frames: Unlike the other types of eyeglasses , browline eyeglass frames add a strong look to the face because of the thick and dark plastic upper frame. These frames work well for soft face shapes such as oval and round faces especially since the thick browline adds more dimension to the face.