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Honestly, everything which you wrote here sounds absolutely great to me! The prohibition against women's voices in the Church had led to the attempt to create male parallels to women's voices. In contrast, not everyone has to deal with the risk of an unwanted offspring being born and of being forced to pay child support afterwards. It sounds so disappointing. Social and historical aspects Castration was undertaken in earlier times because of the powerful, magical association with the genitalia. The female hormones will merely do the finishing touches, though I hope that there wouldn't be a need for any finishing touches in the first place.

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After all, tragic and unfortunate as it is, rape does sometimes occur, and while most victims of rape are women, men can be victims of rape which includes men getting raped by women as well.

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Cross Your Legs, Guys: 18 Women Share Their Explicit Castration Fantasies

Not happening; after all, from my perspective, that would be like looking inside of an extremely fancy house without ever going inside of this house for a couple of decades. Actually, what I am imaging is certainly very true for some women; after all, as far as I know, about half of all women who get abortions didn't even use contraception during the month that they got pregnant. Also, Yes, I am certainly aware that there are some biological aspects that we cannot change yet; however, this certainly does not justify things such as supporting the current laws in regards to child support which can and should be changed. Are you aware of what safe-haven laws are, though? Of course, again, I would like to feminize my face only to the extent that my face looks like that of a pre-facial feminization surgery trans-woman, since anything else might be too much for me. For instance, I strongly detest all of my body and facial hair and I love being very emotional as it is thus, being more emotional would probably be even better for me. Thus the castration of the enemy or the enemy's corpse in some societies was a means of transferring the power of the male warrior to the victor.

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women having sex with a castrated man images
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