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Men Good Looking Tips

A white shirt

Every man should have a pair of those white, crispy shirts in his closet. It is a simple, seasoned and studied good looking tip for men. It can go very well with both casual and a formal set up. When you are in a white shirt, you don’t really have to think twice because you are sure to look good in it in any possibility. But in order to do away with the boredom, you can mix and mash up with some colours once in a while that would add some punch to your personality as well.

Denim Jeans

When you want to know how to look good, this is a must-have in every guy’s wardrobe. A pair of denim jeans is synonymous with the dude with the swag. It is a perfect casual look anyway. They lend a sort of nonchalance when worn which is really sexy. The other more important plus point is that it helps to keep you cool down there in the sweltering heat. When you want that unfettered look, you have the options to go in for a pair of faded or ripped jeans and if you wish to be subtle, you have the options to go in for the solid ones. There are a variety of shapes and sizes, we’d say slim fit jeans look good on a guy if he is a little shapely but it wouldn’t suit someone who is more like a straight line.


A good pair of sneakers would complete the look. There are many brands out there all screaming for attention. Brands like Nike, converse, Adidas, Puma and more. They are available in all colours and patterns.


Here is another important good looking tip for men. T-shirts again are a very important part of the male wardrobe. The main logic behind this is that they are very comfortable, they are specifically cut out for casual outings and they look great on a pair of denim. If you want to experiment with them, you have options as well. You have umpteen t-shirts with different patterns like the crew neck, polo neck, mandarin neck; collared t-shirts so on and so forth.

Men’s underwear

Well, guys might not show this off publicly, but underwear sure is one of the crucial parts of your clothing. There is a number of fashionable men’s underwear in the market that goes with one’s personality. You have men’s briefs that are a snug fit on your junk, jockstrap mainly for athletic personalities because it provides support and a good hold to your man goods. To feel confident, you have to feel comfortable down there and this is certainly one of those tips for looking good that you can’t ignore.


Sunglasses are absolutely mandatory for your eyes. They not only up the style quotient adding an extra definition to your face but also protects your eyes from the harm UV rays of the sun. There are numerous brands out there in the market. You have Ray ban, Tommy Hilfiger, Idee, Armani so on and so forth, so do you want to know how to look good? Just get yourself a pair of good sunglasses.