Health promotion for older adults

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IN recent decades the concept of health promotion as a proactive activity has become a legitimate part of health care. These programs sometimes lack sustainable sources of funding. As the population ages, the potential strain on health care systems will increase because the greatest use of health care services occurs during the last years of life 5 6. An essential component of these programs involves altering nutritional behaviors to achieve goals that include lowering cholesterol, managing weight, increasing dietary fiber, and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Aside from the potential consequences of early mortality, obesity in older people contributes to functional limitations that lead to an increase in dependency. Hypertension, cholesterol, hearing, vision, diabetes, and cancer screening are well integrated into health promotion programs.

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Vitamins E and C were reported to reduce the susceptibility of LDLs to oxidation 68 69so they have been examined for their efficacy 70

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Health promotion targeting older people

Abstract During recent decades, the concept of health promotion has become a legitimate part of health care because of the aging of the postwar baby boom generation. In a series of studies that examined health promotion programs for rural elderly adults without easy access to health services, Medicare beneficiaries were offered disease prevention and health promotion services including smoking cessation, physical activity, nutrition, alcohol counseling, and immunizations. Other population studies have also reported disappointing results for cancer prevention 84 85 86 87 In another study conducted on obese middle-aged and older men, the AHA Step 1 weight-maintenance diet contributed to a reduction of lipoprotein lipid levels but HDL cholesterol levels decreased as well; when weight loss was added to this regimen, HDL cholesterol levels were preserved In older adults there are many factors that can be assessed through screening protocols.

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health promotion for older adults
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health promotion for older adults
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