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Cool Casual Style Tips

Choose cords over denims

Men’s denim jeans are comfortable and versatile enough for almost all casual occasions. However, there’s something about a lightweight, velvety corduroy pants that your denims will never achieve. They come in more shades than jeans, have a smart-casual vibe, and can be worn to more places than your denims can. They may not be as cheap as denims but are surely a good investment.

Upgrade your socks

In case you didn’t know, socks are great accessories, and they work like a charm when you’re looking to add a dash of style to your outfit. Upgrading your socks from the basic white ones to striped, patterned, or bold colours will give your outfit an instant edge at a very low cost.

Ditch the hoodie

Unless you’re a teenager, you’re better off without the hoodie. Instead go for a cardigan. Unlike what you might think, cardigans are not just for your grandparents anymore. They are sleeker and slimmer and sit close to your body. A high neck or shawl collar is even more stylish and gives your look a different edge.

Keep neck scruff at bay

While a stubble is pretty much accepted now everywhere, a scruffy neck doesn’t get the same acceptance. In order to look sleek and stylish, you must get rid of neck scruff. A safe, electric shaver does the job in just a few seconds, so you can avoid going around looking like a homeless person.

Get a stylish belt buckle

A small change can go a long away in altering your look. It can be as small as getting a stylish buckle for your belt. An elegant, understated buckle will instantly take you from boring to dashing.

Wear the right size

Whether it’s a t-shirt or polo, if the shoulder seams droop over your arms, then you’re wearing a size too large for you. Wearing well-fitted clothes is half the job done. They give shape to your torso and make you look better. Look for stores that have the right size for you, or if possible, get your clothes altered by a tailor.

Own an unstructured blazer

It’s a far cry from the navy blazers with gold buttons and heavy shoulder padding. Unstructured blazers for men have little to no padding, are made of lightweight materials, and give you an athletic shape no matter how you look. When you get one tailored for yourself, it’ll open a new world of style in front of you.