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Women Bohemian Clothing

Bohemian clothing is suitable for you if you are a traveller, carefree, artistic, freedom, wild and young girl at heart. Your clothing expresses your personality and attitude. If you’re new to this wonderful bohemian style and don’t know how to start and where to start. We will see in detail about, what is bohemian style and how can you achieve easily by the below article. You can easily achieve the chic bohemian style and stunning look with the right mix. To get the perfect bohemian style look, you can use the below clothing and accessories.

  • Crop Tops
  • Cardigans
  • Long Skirts
  • Hand woven bags
  • Long chains
  • Stylish and elegant jewellery
  • Kaftans
  • Accessories
  • Headbands
  • Oversized earrings
  • Hoodies
  • Fringe Tops
  • Intricate Patterns & Prints
  • Scarves
  • Aztec prints
  • Boots
  • Hair feathers
  • Earth Tones and much more

Boho fashion is nothing but the combining clothing styles from

  1. Vintage,
  2. Hippies,
  3. Gypsies and
  4. Exotic cultures.

Long Skirts are incredibly very comfort. It gives the artsy and sweet look. A stylish crop top gives the completeness of your bohemian look. You can match the crop top’s color with the long skirt color. Denim shorts also suits well with the crop top.

Headbands or the flower crown defines the complete bohemian look. It will be the best add-on for your boho chic outfit. You can also use accessories to get the perfect bohemian style. Glasses play major role in this.

When it comes to selecting the print for your outfit, you can get be creative.Fringescan be used in tops, boots, bags, vests, and much more. The best footwear for boho girls is nothing but boots. It looks awesome. And it gives more comfort.

You can find many accessoriesare eco-friendly items such as

  • shells
  • feathers
  • cotton
  • Stones, etc…

Bohemian fashion gives a new personality. Wearing something distinctive, it is the entire concept of the bohemian fashion. There are many global community of Bohemian Chic Style on the internet.


For a stunning boho chic look, please avoid too many layers of long clothing and accessories.

Do not use oversized clothing.

You have to be very careful when choosing the color.

Your clothing should not hide your face beauty.

Tips to Pick Dress For Modern Women

The present day women are not confined to either work, place and even to the way she dresses up. The women about whom we are referring to, symbolise intellectual knowledge or power and lots of confidence. It is very important that she should have the right knowledge, choice to make her look graceful. Nowadays the marketers have also matched the speedy and trendy style of marketing strategies. This is why online version of buying dresses is catching up in a much bigger way than expected by numerous experts. This is the primary reason why most females are opting for women coordinate dress online. It is also giving them the freedom to take as much time as they want, plus the luxury of ordering dresses even at odd hours.

No matter whether you are having your own small business or working in another office, selection of proper dress is necessary. It will actually act like an invisible wand to control power on the clients or another workforce in the presentation, meeting or just carrying out daily work.

This is why 360-degree guidelines for placing order for the correct appropriate dress are :

┬áDon’t have to flaunt – This is the most powerful consideration which should be kept in mind while placing the order for the dress online. Most of the ladies, in order to make a point to the other party, unknowingly cross the line and end up receiving statements which mean to show off. This is why one should pick the dress that will justify your reason for which you have to wear a dress, situation, person whom you are meeting, climatic conditions etc. On the other hand, such an in-depth analysis will also portray the clarity of your mind, with which the order of the dress to be worn by you is placed.

Maintaining standard business suit – The present day woman is not just like a showpiece but a perfect representation of the things happening in the society. On the other hand, it is the clothes which have been the identification of any civilisation. When it comes to choosing a perfect dress, a careful observation of the numerous options is done before making the final selection. It is rightly said that when one is in doubt, then tailored dress material, skirt with a blouse and Jacket are the options to go for. This type of combination will not only look nice and graceful but will also be appropriate for the office and its related work.

Maintaining proper difference – The moment you start surfing an online store for a perfect pair of a business suit, be sure of the fact that what your work profile demands and whether the available options match with that of your needs. It should not be that your dressing sense or attire does not compliment your work or organisation where you are working. An ideal relationship between work and client based on work ethics and overall attitude to respect the environment where one is working. Until the time such a remarkable or distinctive difference is maintained, nothing can be done.

Using Hair Accessories

Your hair can be the biggest beauty asset that you have if you make sure to use it in the right way. When you groom yourself, you need to make sure that you choose the most viable methods of beautifying your mane so that you can ensure to look good without having to spend a fortune on items of fashion such as branded clothes, shoes or other expensive accessories. On the other hand, when you use your hair to make yourself look good, you can work with a new style every day, without burning a hole through your pocket.

If you need to make your hairstyle extra special, you need to ensure that you make use of something that will make it stand out. The use of hair accessories can guarantee you the looks that you need. There are a number of advantages that are associated with accessories for hair. One of the biggest advantages is that you don’t have to try too hard to make your hair stay in order. A lot of times, hair behave like they have a will of their own; when you use accessories, you can have complete control over them.

Another huge advantage of using accessories is that you can try out some of the most exquisite styles. There may be times when you may think of hairstyles as being impossible to achieve, but if you have the best women’s accessories for hair to back you, you don’t have to feel let down anymore. When you have the most beautiful and practical items to help you, you can manage to pull off a hairstyle with ease. All you have to do is to choose the most appropriate items for the need that you have.

When you choose to buy hair accessories, you can make sure that you save a lot of money in the process. Buying from the right seller makes a great difference on the price of the accessories. When you find a good portal, you can stick up with the accessories at the best prices while ensuring that they are of the best quality. When you are able to get such great benefits from the use of accessories for hair, you will never have to spend exorbitant amounts on things that will become obsolete and out of fashion in no time.


Fashion vs Style

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. The style is forever.”

Fashion is an art which is quite difficult to keep pace with as trends change with every season. Our style is influenced my many long lasting factors. For e.g. it is impacted by political behavior, religious beliefs, culture, weather, body type, professional environment and family upbringing. Fashion can be compared with dishes that are presented in hotels and restaurant. In a hotel, even a simple dish is present with lots of creativity, innovation, and expertise just like models that walk the runway wearing big brand designer’s clothes. Women everyday wear a replica of those dresses and still look fashionable but not as the model on the runway. It is unique to them and it is special.

  • Fashion Is Related To External

Fashion is about what is prevailing out in the fashion industry. What are people wearing most of the time to what you are wearing? For example, the off shoulder was in fashion last year and if you followed that trend you wore something fashionable but if you were not wearing off shoulders and stuck to your basic white tee then that’s your style.

  • Style Is Related To Internal

The style is about what you wear. What you like to wear or what kind of clothes make you feel good. When you follow your style you don’t care about what is prevailing in the fashion industry or what people are wearing this season. You wear clothes which help you reflect your personal style.

  • Fashion Is Distracting and Style Is Connecting

Fashion can distract our attention from ourselves and style helps in bringing attention to ourselves. For example, fashion changes with every season and year, so if we focus on fashion we will be wearing what everybody will be wearing without giving a second thought about what suits our taste and body. But if we focus on the style we will be wearing things which suits are mood and personality, we will wear clothes which will help to showcase our personality.

How Can We Relate Style And Trend?

Style and fashion should never be confused. You can look both stylish and fashionable at the same time. Also, there is no compulsion to follow fashion. You can look great without the following fashion. To look great you just need to stick to basic eternal clothing pieces. Like the basic tee, blue denim, But if you like following trends don’t follow them blindly, add a flavor or your own twist to prevailing trends and you are good to go. When you follow a trend blindly it ends up making you look crappy. Therefore first learn how to look stylish and then follow trends.


Cool Casual Style Tips

Choose cords over denims

Men’s denim jeans are comfortable and versatile enough for almost all casual occasions. However, there’s something about a lightweight, velvety corduroy pants that your denims will never achieve. They come in more shades than jeans, have a smart-casual vibe, and can be worn to more places than your denims can. They may not be as cheap as denims but are surely a good investment.

Upgrade your socks

In case you didn’t know, socks are great accessories, and they work like a charm when you’re looking to add a dash of style to your outfit. Upgrading your socks from the basic white ones to striped, patterned, or bold colours will give your outfit an instant edge at a very low cost.

Ditch the hoodie

Unless you’re a teenager, you’re better off without the hoodie. Instead go for a cardigan. Unlike what you might think, cardigans are not just for your grandparents anymore. They are sleeker and slimmer and sit close to your body. A high neck or shawl collar is even more stylish and gives your look a different edge.

Keep neck scruff at bay

While a stubble is pretty much accepted now everywhere, a scruffy neck doesn’t get the same acceptance. In order to look sleek and stylish, you must get rid of neck scruff. A safe, electric shaver does the job in just a few seconds, so you can avoid going around looking like a homeless person.

Get a stylish belt buckle

A small change can go a long away in altering your look. It can be as small as getting a stylish buckle for your belt. An elegant, understated buckle will instantly take you from boring to dashing.

Wear the right size

Whether it’s a t-shirt or polo, if the shoulder seams droop over your arms, then you’re wearing a size too large for you. Wearing well-fitted clothes is half the job done. They give shape to your torso and make you look better. Look for stores that have the right size for you, or if possible, get your clothes altered by a tailor.

Own an unstructured blazer

It’s a far cry from the navy blazers with gold buttons and heavy shoulder padding. Unstructured blazers for men have little to no padding, are made of lightweight materials, and give you an athletic shape no matter how you look. When you get one tailored for yourself, it’ll open a new world of style in front of you.


Stylish Men’s Accessories

Aviators for a Leading Man
Eyes are the first thing that gets noticed so, why not make a long lasting first impression with Aviators? A right pair of sunglasses can make you look fabulous in no time. Also, remember that from a vintage look to a traditional get up, there are different styles to suit various outfits and faces.
Totes for an Experimental Working Man
Gone are the days when men used to carry a usual side bag to office. Nowadays men prefer carrying style to their office too. Totes are the designer upgraded version of old briefcases. Loaded with high quality features including exquisite leather and few more modern updates, totes are leading in the world of men’s accessories.
Belts for Cool Look
We have mainly known belts for a formal meeting or occasion, but this is no more the trend. Be it a casual function or a business meeting, nowadays, belts are designed and can be adorned for any occasion. Adding on more to your cool look, buy a size or two up from your normal size and let the tail hang down.
Caps to Play with your Looks
Caps are generally used to provide a sign of relief under the scorching heat of sun. However, its use is not limited ill here as nowadays, it is used as a tool for looking fashionable. Caps made up of leather and wool are sure to take your look on a whole new level of confident and calm look.
Boots for a Complete Look
Men’s formal look cannot be completed without boots. The new streamlined boots added with stitching lug soles are enough to get your complete look. These are the new addition to men’s fashion that is comfortable and easy to maintain.


Tips to Styling with Knee High boots

Consider Your Calves

It’s essential that the boot doesn’t expand excessively. Ensure your boots fit cozily and easily around your leg. If you have thick, athletic or breathtaking legs, decide on sleek wide-calf styles in impartial shades to make your calves look slimmer. Stretchy, slouchy, or zippered styles are awesome wagered. Then again, if your calves are thin, pick boots with a touch of structure or mass to it, for example, western, riding, grunge or utilitarian boots, cattle rustler or slouchy boots, or wedge shoes are great decisions, and also shoes with points of interest like clasps, studs, and so forth.

Consider Your Figure’s Stature

Realize that hues, the stature of heels, and state of toes have more to do with what your outline will look like than the real tallness of the ladies’ knee-high boots. Along these lines, play around with various hues and styles of heel and toe – high heels or flat heels, adjusted toe or guided toe toward accomplishing the outline you need. For instance, if you are hoping to extend your legs, a couple of pointed dark stiletto shoes would include length. A thin wedge knee high boot is better for more visual adjust if your calves are thick, while chunkier heels are likewise useful for heavier legs as they can make your leg seem slimmer. Concerning ladies with more slender calves ought to avoid knee high boots with thin, sharp heels.

Consider the Events

Diverse styles of shoes give unique custom of every event. When all is said in done, slouchy and cowpoke styles are more easygoing, while rich sued or softened leather boots, heeled or level, give a more formal choice, particularly if the shoes accompany luxury subtle elements and prints.

By and by, knee high boots are a standout amongst the most flexible footwear things you can have in your closet, as they can look tasteful, chic, advanced, and a great deal more. On top of all that, they can be matched including pants to skirts to dresses.

Knee High Boots for an Office Look

To overhaul an elegant expert look with knee boots, pick boots with tasteful and necessary styles and also in primary hues. Choose a suitable business outfit, for example, a skirt that hits just underneath the knee or at the knee. If your skirt is on the shorter side, include tights for a sleeker, more moderate look. Combine the base with coordinating top that works for the workplace look, including a straightforward fitted pullover with jacket or pea coat.


Wearing Pashminas

You are giving an important presentation today. Somehow, you have overslept. You realize not picking your outfit the night before was a mistake, but by that point it is too late. You throw on your black dressy pants and white shirt and drape the most gorgeous pashmina over your shoulders.

So, what is this magical pashmina? A pashmina is a huge, rectangular shawl made of cashmere wool blended with silk. The wool comes from goats from the Kashmir region in Pakistan and India, however the pashmina shawls we see today are mostly made in Nepal. There has been a boom in popularity ever since celebrities such as Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman started wearing them in the 90s. Nowadays, they are made in a huge variety of styles and colors. And contrary to what you may think, they are not that expensive.

Pashminas are the softest shawls ever. They are an essential item for your wardrobe and owning several will prove to be an excellent idea as they are super comfortable and versatile. You can wear them as a neck or head scarf, simply wrapped or draped over your shoulders, they can even replace your belt. They have become statement pieces andnot only will they make you look stylish and sophisticated, but keep you warm as well. Women have grown to love them so much, that they have become a staple piece in any wardrobe.

“Women have grown to love them so much as they make them look stylish and sophisticated you can wear them as a neck or head scarf, simply wrap or drape over your shoulders for super comfort and versatility.” Pashmina Shawls come in various sizes, designs and colors. It can be use as a shawl or scarf – depending on the size. Some are plain while others have beautiful patterns and studded with mirrors and embroidery.


Never Fades Away Fashion Trends

Double Denim

This vintage fashion of denim on denim looks modern and easiest of all to pull off. From models to celebrities, everybody is seen wearing them. One tip that you need while pairing denim with denim is creating balance. The lighter the denim the more it will draw attention to the body area it covers and the darker shades create a slimming effect. So according to your body type wear the lighter and dark shade. You can also wear denim overall for the double denim effect.

Floral Prints

No matter whether it is spring on winter. Floral patterns can be seen in all types of clothing and accessories. These prints are in trend for almost over a decade. With the flowers blooming in spring, these are perfect patterns to wear. Though these prints are worn in all seasons, spring is the best season to wear it. In the spring flowers, bloom and fresh flowers are everywhere in nature. When you wear floral, make sure to pair them with neutrals and simple colors so that the floral print pops out.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are most popular trends in fashion industry. In animal prints, there is a variety of prints like leopard and zebra prints. It’s one print that is famous among young woman’s this print shows confident with a subtle sophistication. You can pair animal prints clothing with simple clothes to balance out the overall look.

Polka Dots

Most of us recognize this print from 90’s.It is used in clothes and accessories as well. This print accentuates the feminine and youthful look. But wearing polka dots without looking like a cosplay enthusiast is not easy. You can try polka dots shirts with good fabric as it is one of the classic looks, try it on a scarf wear them on a collar and you will surely get lots of compliments.


When you want to add a bit of edgy look then you can try military dressing, the details in the military dress makes any woman look sophisticated and powerful. This trend keeps coming every year with new cuts, shapes, colors and details. You can try a military outfit with sailor-style buttons


In the 90’s French designer got into minimalist clothing with simple shapes, designs, and color. The minimalism trend keeps coming back because of the clean look it gives. While wearing this trend pick one powerful piece and keep the other basic.

Little Black Dress: – No Matter what kind of taste you have in fashion, you can never say no to little black dress. You can wear it on any occasion be it formal or every day. So make sure you have one of this in your wardrobe.

High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans are the most favorite item of every woman as they accentuate the figure.They are also a perfect option for short woman as they make them look taller. To wear them make sure to pair them up with something tight and cropped and not baggy. If you want to create the hourglass illusion, choose your fabric correctly. If you have some fat on tummy area you can try draped fabric high waist jeans.


Why a Woman Owe for The Leather Handbag?

Eternal product

Fashion and styles change with the changing fashion trend and time. But the acceptance of the leather bag is same from a decade. The style of the bag is may be new, now it is made by the renowned designers, so they give it a new look and new pattern but at last it is the same leather bag, women have a real love for it.

Goes with every outfit

Leather handbag goes perfectly with every kind of outfits. Women are now fashionable and yet multitasking, they love to wear every kind of dresses based on every occasion. They are comfortable in traditional dresses like saree, salwar and the other hand jeans, skirts, shorts every kind of dresses, it is not possible actually to buy the handbags according to all the outfits, so the women leather handbags suits with all the dresses. It is equally perfect for a traditional dress and also very perfect for the formals of the office going girls.

Suits every occasion

Not just for all types of outfits or dresses, a leather bag is a perfect companion for purposes too. It is very sophisticated and smart in looks, so you can carry a leather handbag with you to your office by avoiding a funky bag. You can also take it with you in an occasion, like a marriage, engagement or even in a birthday party. It will just add a compliment for you. Even you can carry a leather bag on your outing with friends or while you are on a date.

Best ever quality

Another reason to choose women leather handbags is, of course, the quality of the bag. If you have invested a little bit of money on your leather handbag and bought a real leather bag, then you can use it for so many years, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the bag, it lasts so long.

Variety of sizes

Most interesting point of a leather bag is it comes with so many sizes from a purse to a sling bag, side bag, laptop bag or even a backpack. So you can choose the size and variety according to your requirement.

Easy to clean

It is really hard to remove the stains from a canvas or other material hand bags but with a leather bag, it is really easy to clean the stains. To wipe out the stains from your leather handbag, you just need to prepare a clean piece of cotton, no washing, soaking needed with it.

Gracious in looks

Last but not the least, the major reason to switch on the option of a leather bag is the gorgeous and gracious look of the bags. This is the actual reason that a woman feels attracted for a leather bag. The color, the texture, and pattern, everything is just awesome of the leather handbag. With the modern modulation, it became more gorgeous now.