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Sometimes, two players answers the questions at the same time. Once every player has answered by placing the letter tokenthe reader prompts everyone to reveal their answers at the same time. There are 4 categories of questions: The oldest Dumb Ass player is the first Reader and asks the first question always a Who question to start the gameby pulling the first card from the Who deck. Smart Ass Game Rules. If no one anwers the question correct after the last clue is given, then the player who asked the question wins the round. For the Smart Ass cards, players are supposed to pick the Smart Ass answer from the four possible answers - or the one correct answer based on the clue.

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If none of the tied players can answer the tie breaker question, then the player who asked the question wins the round.

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Dumb Ass Game Rules

Place each deck of cards in its designated space in each corner of the board before starting the game. There are 4 categories of questions: After that, the game continues as normal. The player who won the round can roll now the numbered die and moves his token according to the number rolled. Home Games Game Rules. The player that rolled the numbered die and lands on the "dumb ass" square is silenced from answering or asking the next question.

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dumb ass board game
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dumb ass board game
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