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When I was about twelve, I began to get more hair on my belly, between my breasts, back Hi iam 33 years old i never had this problem when i was younger facial hair ,,i have 3 kids but iam still young am really scared i cant have any more children i mite fall inlove with somone and mite wanna share our live by wanting a nother child ,i have a problem with hair on my chin and i havent had a period in a year aftet i stopped my depo ,i been on the depo since my last child which is now 8 pls wat can i do ,i look to the ground even when i walk past people and think are are they staring at me ,i have no cofidence i dont no wat to do. It didn't thin my growth just stopped more growth. At least I don't have to worry about warm weather for awhile. Waxing does thin the hair and whenever I do do it, I feel much more confident in myself. Im 19 and as long as i can remember ive always been hairy, especially on my stomach, lower back and bum. For a long time, his favorite model was his wife, Annette.

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I always had some hairs on my upper lip since I was a child, but at the age of 14, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, and found that the medication made my hair much worse, and it spread to my chin and side of my face.

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I have a long line of hair on my stomach and my back is really hairy. Table sugar is made from fructose and glucose. I am always tired and fatigued I know I should really see someone but I'm just not ready to at this point and would rather try to deal with it on my own, at least until I'm a bit older. My hair is quite dark and I have very pale skin, so it's very noticible. Its really good to know that other people have this and im not alone i really dont know what to do about my hair and its getting to summer now.

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