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Anna is left for 5 years by the love of her life, Johan, because he has a wanderlust. They're shot in a way as to provide a clue to the fact that most of the sex in the film is unsimulated; but with a more cryptic, more erotic vision, contradictory to the average porn sensibility. Well, here it goes: This film is like the mind of a teenager with no imagination. I've seen amateur pornography with higher production values. Contains Spoilers, but the plot is not that deep so it shouldn't bother you much. The film is hard to categorize.

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In many instances, the camera operator's choice to shoot much of the lovemaking as a series of full body shots seems to actually work against the conventions customary to adult - but they speak volumes in terms of exteriorizing the inner lives of central characters.

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Gry Bay - All About Anna

Then it jumps to a sex scene. Sex scenes I liked. Are you still buying this crap? If you are disappointed with what was recorded, blame her. It's films like these that strike fear into my own heart when I think about directing a film, that I too may make something as God-awful and dreadful as this I tend to agree with the second view. As a consequence, although there is the actual "philosophy" of supporting the making of such a film - the existence of a "manifesto" in the like of Dogme95 that states the preferable and the avoidable - it all seems to escalate and ultimately fly in the face of that it was purported to be.

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