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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Cool Looking Southwestern Jewelry Offers Both Tradition and Beauty

Jewelry artists create custom pieces that reflect their style and uniqueness. Many people love the cool looking southwestern jewelry available from local artisans. Native American jewelry is a popular option because these carefully crafted pieces are a reflection of the traditions of the culture. Turquoise is a popular stone used in this type of jewelry. Natural elements are also present in this type of handiwork. It is wise to purchase this type of jewelry from an experienced artist offering quality pieces. Many of them design pieces for their customers that meet their specific needs and requests.

Native American tribal pieces are very popular because they utilize colorful gemstones in their work. The jewelry is composed of symbols all having a specific meaning. For instance, an arrowhead is a symbol of alertness, while a sun face symbolizes positive energy, abundance, and peace. The bear symbol represents courage and leadership, while the man in the maze designs represents the journey through life. Another popular choice is the wolf design because it symbolizes strength, protection, leadership, and direction. Bird symbols were common in many tribes and the eagle was actually believed to bring prayers to the Great Spirit. It is interesting to learn the meaning behind this type of jewelry before selecting a piece for purchase.

Natural elements are also used to create this unique jewelry. Mussel shells, oyster shells and pearls are popular oceanic elements used in creating beautiful jewelry. Arizona jewelry artisans often have interesting life stories and experiences. Many people find it fascinating to learn more about the designers of these unique jewelry pieces. It is easy to see why this type of jewelry has withstood the test of time and remains very popular.

Beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can be found when searching for southwestern jewelry. Most people choose pieces that are unique and offer a specific meaning or symbol. The art of creating this jewelry is often passed down from generation to generation. The artisans are known for paying close attention to detail and for their jewelry that is rich in tradition. One thing that everyone agrees on is that the jewelry is absolutely gorgeous.