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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Never Fades Away Fashion Trends

Double Denim

This vintage fashion of denim on denim looks modern and easiest of all to pull off. From models to celebrities, everybody is seen wearing them. One tip that you need while pairing denim with denim is creating balance. The lighter the denim the more it will draw attention to the body area it covers and the darker shades create a slimming effect. So according to your body type wear the lighter and dark shade. You can also wear denim overall for the double denim effect.

Floral Prints

No matter whether it is spring on winter. Floral patterns can be seen in all types of clothing and accessories. These prints are in trend for almost over a decade. With the flowers blooming in spring, these are perfect patterns to wear. Though these prints are worn in all seasons, spring is the best season to wear it. In the spring flowers, bloom and fresh flowers are everywhere in nature. When you wear floral, make sure to pair them with neutrals and simple colors so that the floral print pops out.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are most popular trends in fashion industry. In animal prints, there is a variety of prints like leopard and zebra prints. It’s one print that is famous among young woman’s this print shows confident with a subtle sophistication. You can pair animal prints clothing with simple clothes to balance out the overall look.

Polka Dots

Most of us recognize this print from 90’s.It is used in clothes and accessories as well. This print accentuates the feminine and youthful look. But wearing polka dots without looking like a cosplay enthusiast is not easy. You can try polka dots shirts with good fabric as it is one of the classic looks, try it on a scarf wear them on a collar and you will surely get lots of compliments.


When you want to add a bit of edgy look then you can try military dressing, the details in the military dress makes any woman look sophisticated and powerful. This trend keeps coming every year with new cuts, shapes, colors and details. You can try a military outfit with sailor-style buttons


In the 90’s French designer got into minimalist clothing with simple shapes, designs, and color. The minimalism trend keeps coming back because of the clean look it gives. While wearing this trend pick one powerful piece and keep the other basic.

Little Black Dress: – No Matter what kind of taste you have in fashion, you can never say no to little black dress. You can wear it on any occasion be it formal or every day. So make sure you have one of this in your wardrobe.

High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans are the most favorite item of every woman as they accentuate the figure.They are also a perfect option for short woman as they make them look taller. To wear them make sure to pair them up with something tight and cropped and not baggy. If you want to create the hourglass illusion, choose your fabric correctly. If you have some fat on tummy area you can try draped fabric high waist jeans.


Why a Woman Owe for The Leather Handbag?

Eternal product

Fashion and styles change with the changing fashion trend and time. But the acceptance of the leather bag is same from a decade. The style of the bag is may be new, now it is made by the renowned designers, so they give it a new look and new pattern but at last it is the same leather bag, women have a real love for it.

Goes with every outfit

Leather handbag goes perfectly with every kind of outfits. Women are now fashionable and yet multitasking, they love to wear every kind of dresses based on every occasion. They are comfortable in traditional dresses like saree, salwar and the other hand jeans, skirts, shorts every kind of dresses, it is not possible actually to buy the handbags according to all the outfits, so the women leather handbags suits with all the dresses. It is equally perfect for a traditional dress and also very perfect for the formals of the office going girls.

Suits every occasion

Not just for all types of outfits or dresses, a leather bag is a perfect companion for purposes too. It is very sophisticated and smart in looks, so you can carry a leather handbag with you to your office by avoiding a funky bag. You can also take it with you in an occasion, like a marriage, engagement or even in a birthday party. It will just add a compliment for you. Even you can carry a leather bag on your outing with friends or while you are on a date.

Best ever quality

Another reason to choose women leather handbags is, of course, the quality of the bag. If you have invested a little bit of money on your leather handbag and bought a real leather bag, then you can use it for so many years, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the bag, it lasts so long.

Variety of sizes

Most interesting point of a leather bag is it comes with so many sizes from a purse to a sling bag, side bag, laptop bag or even a backpack. So you can choose the size and variety according to your requirement.

Easy to clean

It is really hard to remove the stains from a canvas or other material hand bags but with a leather bag, it is really easy to clean the stains. To wipe out the stains from your leather handbag, you just need to prepare a clean piece of cotton, no washing, soaking needed with it.

Gracious in looks

Last but not the least, the major reason to switch on the option of a leather bag is the gorgeous and gracious look of the bags. This is the actual reason that a woman feels attracted for a leather bag. The color, the texture, and pattern, everything is just awesome of the leather handbag. With the modern modulation, it became more gorgeous now.

Michael Kors Watches for Your Fashion

A beauty in black

The timepiece in black is beautiful and luxurious. The complete design leaves a magnificent effect to the architecture that can only be felt by the wearers. The 44mm black dial pays no heed to the age-old theory of crafting. Rather, it brings a new designing style that is elaborated with the roman hands and indexes in a shade lighter. With the chronograph function and the date displaying window, this watch complements your fashion. The black stainless steel strap even enhances the look of the watch.

The black look makes you crazy

The Micahel Kors always comes up with a style that is fresh and fashionable to the generation. The combination of colours and the magnificent functions make these watches always high-demand. The timepiece MK8436 has come up with such a look that definitely wins the hearts of the watch lovers as soon as they wear it on their wrist. The 40mm black dial has a lot of things to look at, starting from the chronograph function to the date displaying window. The roman numerals in rose gold not only enhance the complete look of the watch but also add boldness to the design. The black rubber strap enhances the gesture of the watch a bit. This watch is for those who love to be casual. The rose gold bezel rounds the dial handsomely.

The Blue Dial with a silver strap is ageless

Michael Kors watches are eloquent in their look and bring out the innovative essence of watchmaking through their designs. The brand is glamorous because of their watches as they change the appeal of the fashion completely. The timepiece MK8451 gives a hint to the classic timekeeping since it measures the detail of the watch in a traditional way. It has a 43mm blue dial that is crafted with the silver-toned hands and indexes. The name of the brand has been inscribed on the dial to present the regal look of the watch. It is a men’s watch that is perfectly designed with the corporate ethos. The stainless steel strap and the formal-looking dial are enough to keep you always punctual while you are in your business persona.

Stay formal with maintaining your light-mood

The design of your watch should be something that gives you pleasure while wearing it on your wrist. Michael Kors understands your thought and designs watches that are suitable for your fashion. The timepiece MK8280 holds a great value among the watch lovers because of its unique style of crafting. The 45mm blue dial is fitted well with the fluted bezel and the stainless steel strap. The dial of the watch is no less than a creative piece as it has functions designed in a proper way. The silver-toned hands and indexes provide a bright look to the dial. Having three sub-dials, this watch maintains the legibility of the watch. This watch is designed for men’s fashion and has everything that today’s generation is looking for.

The Piece is the illustration of the colours:

The brand not only focuses on the features and functions of the watches but also shows its grave interest in presenting a dynamic watch. The timepiece MK6368 brings out the side of the brand where it is known for experimenting with the colours. The 40mm white coloured dial gets the splashes of rose-gold colour with the roman numerals and hands. Every detail hides the in-depth crafting style of the brand, but the outcome of such a design is revealed when you wear this watch on your wrist. A date displaying window and the chronograph function are also there to meet your modern demands.

Vintage Hermes handbags

Vintage Hermes handbags in particular are known as the holy grail for collectors and passionate shoppers. Here are the reasons explaining why.

1.The bags always have a distinct finesse

Considering the amount of wear any handbag is constantly exposed to, it becomes increasingly difficult for designers to ensure that the final product looks as expensive as it costs. Hermes seems to have mastered that skill and that is the reason, buying one of their vintage pieces is more like an investment you are less likely to regret.

2.There are endless choices for every taste

The brand has made it a point to include variety in not just color and material but also the shape and hardware options. It is quite remarkable because designing and dying leather is a tricky process. That is why you should take very good care of the ones you buy.

3.Hermes continues to maintain its traditional, old-world craftsmanship

Though there are several attempts at taking over the brands unique old ways, Hermes has not compromised with the way they work. It continues to thrive as an independent company known for its exquisite traditional craftsmanship, the levels of which are hard to match. Interestingly, the brand avoids giving away its products to celebrities for free which means that everyone has to pay the same price if they want to own one of these beauties.

4.The bags hold their value

Vintage Hermes bags continue to have a very good resale value especially if they have been kept in a very good condition which is not difficult if you know how to do it. It is less likely that you would fuss over your purchase any time soon because the classic appeal of these bags does not fade away at all. You might just get bored with it but you can always store it away for a while before you want to start taking it out once again. This is especially great because the resale markets can be flat even for the biggest brands.