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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Armani Men’s Watches

A classic piece that has soberness in design

The brand traces the traditional architecture with the classic timepieces that are timeless and beautiful. The watch AR1879 has come up with the 43mm white dial exudes a charm with a contrasting colour quote in black numerals and hands. It is a timepiece that changes the fashion of men through its complementing look detailed with the logo and the name of the brand. Timepieces generally reflect your personality, and this watch says that it is made for those who choose the easy-going lifestyle. The smoothness of architecture mingles you with the thought of the creativity the brand has. The complete design has an indigenous look with the white bezel and the stainless steel strap. Some pieces remain at the top because of their perfection, and this watch follows the path to maintain its ageless appeal.

Loving rose gold meets with bold black

The designs of the watches must captivate the hearts of the watch lovers. Emporio Armani designs such timepieces that offer a one-of-a-kind look for those who love to flaunt their individual craftsmanship. The classic timepiece AR1798 is more than just a watch, at least the looks say so. The timepiece comes up with the 38mm black dial patterned with the stripe design. The combination of black and rose gold beams a creative aura of crafting watches. The rose gold hands and indexes look bright in the black and the design goes even further with the logo of the brand at 12 o’clock position. Every stroke of the craftsmen is eloquently portrayed through the detailing. The grand-second sub dial is also placed proudly to give this classic timepiece an innovative look. With the black leather strap, this watch fits well on the wrists of the men.

Feel connected with your world always

Emporio Armani recently took an entry to the world of smartwatches with their new range of timepieces. These timepieces are not the traditional smartwatches, though. They are hybrid watches that offer both an analogue display and the advanced function. The timepiece ART3002 offers an array of functions, from the popular ones like activity tracking and auto time update to the rare features like slip tracking and the classic look. This watch falls in the same line the way other timepieces of the brand has been crafting. Retaining the same look, it only adds functions that were confined into the touch-screen display watches a few years ago. The 43mm white coloured dial has a magnificent look with the rose gold hands and indexes. It also features the contrasting look with white and rose-gold. Finally, the brown leather strap elevates the style of the watches even more.

Those who love a serene look of the watch

Sometimes, the detail-free design leaves a deeper mark on the interest of the watch lovers than the elevated style of the crafting. The timepiece AR2502 is designed with the 43mm white coloured dial and the rose gold hands and indexes. The logo of the brand stays at the top of the design to reveal the glory of being at the pinnacle of the success. This watch indeed has nothing very interesting to look at. But the complete architecture is as smart as your personality. A date displaying window at 3 o’clock position is the only feature that the watch has conveyed to you. The black leather strap of the watch enhances the beauty of designing timepieces.

Some Types of Handbags

The leather day satchel

It is a workhorse handbag. It can hold all your belongings with utmost efficiency. While choosing the color, prefer darker shades so as to hide stains and scuffs that evolve on regular use. And stay aback from those with lots of logos and hardware as these details can date your bag. While picking the bag, do go for the ones that suit your size. It is very easy to fall in love with a handbag, but how it will look on you is an important point to consider.

The day clutch

A pretty day clutch is enough to enhance your day look if you can sort out the things which you shall carry and what stays out. Try to go for those pouches that are a little big in dimension and constitutes of multiple pockets so that you can carry your essentials at ease. This is the kind of pouch with which you can have fun and try experimenting with different colors and materials.

The cross body

This bag is the ideal choice for working women. It gives you the freedom to move around along with the convenience to keep your necessities closer and safe. It comes with a sturdy adjustable strap that is easy to maneuver.

The evening clutch

Almost every woman owes it in her wardrobe as it the perfect companion of a woman in parties and weddings. A satin or metallic clutch in gold or silver is most versatile and timeless style trending all seasons. This is one bag that should be as season less as possible as you would like t hold it back in your wardrobe for years to come.

The medium sized shoulder bag

Shoulder bags add a sleek and sophisticated look. This style allows you greater mobility than the standard satchel bags as you need not hold he bag with the handle. Rich leather or textured suede would be ideal for an appropriate look in the light weather.

The casual day bag

It is the trump card in the game of hand bags in Los Angeles. It allows you to show off your personal style on those days when you want to add a little fun with your look.

The iconic bag

If you are looking for something extremely luxurious and classy, then a designer hand bag is what you need. These bags stand on their own, thus creating a statement that is both outlasting and trendy.

Tips to Wear Real Fur Collars

Fur collars have no boundaries when it comes to adding a twist to your outfit. In fact, you can wear your real fur collars in so many ways and still remain fashionable. If you really love fur, then here are a number of times on how to wear your fur collars fashionably.

Fur collars can be worn on any occasion. Most people treat fur collars as statement pieces for special occasions. The truth is that fur collars can be matched with many things and this makes them perfect for everyday use. If you want to add some flavor to your everyday fashion then you should start thinking of creative ways to wear your fur collars. Consider matching it with your casual outfits for a glamorous feel especially when going out for a night date.

Although this collars are known to go with almost anything, it is always important to match them with your dress for an elegant look. Natural colors do great for classic jackets and coats. You may also consider buying full skin collars which will help in matching as you really don’t have to struggle with the collar alone. Some modern waterproof leather jackets have buttons for attaching fur collars which make it really easy for you to match your outfits and achieve your desired look.

Wearing your this collar over your old coats and jackets will help bring them to life and add a classic touch to your outfit. If you have an autumn jacket then a this collar will easily transform it into a stylish classical outfit. Some people love using scarfs on cold days. If you want to be trendy and stylish during such climates consider swapping your scarf for a fur collar. This collar will keep you warmer and add some sense of luxury to your outfit.

To avoid looking overdressed check how you use this collar pieces to suit your style. In fact, it is always recommended that you add the this collar sparingly. For example adding a fur collar to a fur coat is likely to add a lot of bulk to your body figure and this may make you look like you have a costume on as opposed to a stylish winter outfit. Fur collars look best when juxtaposed with other textures such as cozy knits, leather jackets, and classic wool coats among others.

If you are conducting your wedding during the cold months, then you should consider having a fur collar over your wedding dress to help keep you warm during the cold. Some people use a fur stole, but a fur collar can add a sense of style on your big day by transforming your wedding dress to match the theme of your big day. You can match colors or even use different colors to add some texture and create some form of contrast on your big day.

Matching colors of your hair and your fur collar plays a major role in how fashionable you become. For example, black fur collars will be perfect for the blondes while white is perfect for people with black, red or brown hair. Color matching is also great with your other outfit. Natural colors outfit best matches with this collars although experimentation is always perfect especially when you feel like trying something new. When wearing your fur collars to official functions be careful to match them with a natural color outfit and pick the best color that matches your hair.

Real Fur collars are great accessories that complete and make your outfit glam. They are very versatile allowing you to wear them with any outfit to help you remain warm while looking stylish at the same time.

Tips to Shopping Jewelry Online

Shopping for fashion ornament from online platforms comes with several benefits which include better selection and prices. Online companies have pieces which they import from global ornament houses and sellers. The pieces are unique, mostly one of a kind by design, if not by size. And here too, the online ornament providers face competitions. The set prices, the discounts, the shipping everything falls under price competition criteria of the online fashion ornament war.

As you initiate to look around the variety of options for buying fashion ornament via Internet platform, you will quickly realize the level of excitement it involves in the process. No matter what the type of ornament you want (or not), it is always a pleasure to surf through those precious pieces of dazzlers which are potential of enhancing your beauty.

Here, we will talk about the pros and cons and also the proper way of going through the fashion jewelry online platforms:


Any company, from which you are buying the ornament, should have an appropriate certification and permission for being a precious ornament design.

Types of certification

For your convenience, the certification form is always given with the product detail. Every piece of ornament be it wired or not, should come with a certified tag of AGSL or GIA as the quality grade.

Quality of metal

Metal for the ornament should be of the finest quality it can be produced out of. Be it platinum, diamond, gold or silver or even pearl; it is mandatory to ensure the quality since you are paying your hard earned bills for them.

Customer support

The most important aspect of buying fashion jewelry online is the customer service. If you are not satisfied with what you have purchased, it is the responsibility of the portals from whom you have made the purchase. Always read the company’s return policy regarding every product it has on for sale.

Understanding of the piece

The ornament provider should be able to make you understand the aspects of an excellent piece of ornament (according to your budget). Cuts, clarity, color, carat and shape comprise of the basic knowledge one should possess when going for an ornament purchase.

Guarantee of ornament

Every piece of ornament should have a proper guarantee against damage, any wearing out and in many cases, theft or loss.

Ask for what you like

If you love a particular piece of ornament, but it is not available for that given time, ask the customer service provider to notify you of its next availability. Buy what you love, invest in something classy, top of the line and most importantly, which will be a statement-maker for you. The piece of ornament should reflect the excellent, meticulous craftsmanship. Being stylish is always the trend. Thus, it is best to invest sometime and research about the latest trends and then make the selection from the ornament portals.