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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tips to Buy Men Leather Bag

As is the case with leather jackets and shoes, you wish choosing a bag that’s fashioned out of full-grain leather. This is leather of premium quality that taken on an ever better look following several years of use.

The finest leathers build up a striking patina, which is that sheeny , weathered, look that a material acquires with aging and the finer the quality, the superior the patina. You can’t get this with leather that’s been heavily treated or additional lesser grades.

Keep away from bags crafted from bonded leather. They don’t t age well and lack that discrete, pleasant leather smell.

Tanning method

The leathers made use of for cases and bags haven’t ever been made the identical way. You require knowing the dissimilarities between a couple of key tanning methods that are chrome and vegetable tanning.

The some process involves the use of chromium and additional harsh chemicals. It’s completed with two days and this is the reason behind their low price.

In vegetable tanning the cowhides undergo a pre-tanning phase where they’re rehydrated with every hair removed. As the complete process is more extended, the greater part of vegetable tanned leather items are inclined to be chunkier and more rigid than leather that’s chrome tanned. This is the reason behind vegetable tanning working the finest for a higher end bag. The leathers are better-quality compared to their chrome tanned equivalents in character, sturdiness and holding capacity. They’re branded for their archetypal leather smell & first-rate patina.

Nation of Origin & building

On numerous occasions, the origin of leather establishes the bag’s quality. We are familiar with a few of the nations that always create leather of excellent quality like England, Italy, USA, and France. If history is anything to go by such nations have a first-class background of tanning leather excellently.

However, now you require somewhat more discretion, particularly when the matter is of labels. Several companies try and make the most of the “Italy” status by doing all of the work in a different country and merely completing leather in Italy.

You should look out for first-rate leather whose hide choice and tanning are executed in Italy / additional reputable nations.

Sturdiness & Handwork

The ultimate bag is capable of holding a definite weight and also be shifted about without experiencing any weakening. That’s the reason for the importance of grain. Full-grain leather creates the most hard-wearing bags. However, top-grain leather’s a more inexpensive substitute that also does the job.

The stitching on top of any bag must be straight, hardly visible and sans any free threads. It’s vital that you verify the inner as well as outer surfaces to verify this.

The handles must also be joined to the body using toughened stitching / metal fixtures.


Ahead of purchasing men leather bags, scrutinize all their little parts’ quality. The features that you must check close are:

  • Handles
  • Buckles
  • Metallic rings
  • Locks
  • Zippers
  • Shoulder strap fittings


Retro Style Eyeglass Frames

Cat-eye Frames

One of the most popular frames for eyeglasses comes in the cat-eye frames. These work well for women of all ages since the upswept outer corners lift the features of the face making the wearer appear more stylish and young. These feline-inspired frames can come in exaggerated or subtle styles and some of them are adorned with decorative accents.

Wayfarer Frames

The thick and structured Wayfarer frames have been popular for many years now. They have made comebacks every few years and never really went out of style. They are a favorite amongst both men and women since they are sturdy and tend to suit most face shapes. These comes in a range of colors that you can choose to suit your style.

Aviator Frames

The teardrop-shaped aviator frames have risen in popularity for both eyeglasses and sunglasses. Aviators suit everyone and look great with both casual and formal clothing. They were first developed in 1920’s and have been one of the most sought-after vintage eyeglasses since then.

Round-wire Framed

Round-wire frames, sometimes known as granny glasses, were released way before John Lennon made them famous. They became a part of his iconic image and consequently remained popular in the 1960’s and 70’s. These have made a huge comeback now. They can add softness to the sharp and strong features of people with square-shaped faces.

Browline Frames: Unlike the other types of eyeglasses , browline eyeglass frames add a strong look to the face because of the thick and dark plastic upper frame. These frames work well for soft face shapes such as oval and round faces especially since the thick browline adds more dimension to the face.


Summer Casual Wardrobe Tips for Women

Light tees and tops

Invest in the timeless tees and tops. No matter what, the subtle and sporty styles of funky t-shirts and tank tops won’t fade away. A lightweight tee crafted in cotton and other cozy fabric is an apt option for the bright and sunny days at the shore. You can go for t-shirts with eye-catchy prints. The cat t-shirts is one of the trending stuff in this category for all the cat ladies. Even you can go for something of this sort.

Shorts and skirts

Summer fashion is all about comfort styles and delightful colors. Thigh-high shorts and casual skirts are a staple for the sweaty season. The best thing about the summer skirts is that it can be paired with any style of tops and tees. This is probably the best way to get sun-drenched during the party season.


Summer breaks is all about relaxing and having fun. So, ditch your high heels, pumps and knee-high boots. Go for the cozy and airy flip flops. You can even try the graceful sneakers at times. Slipper and flat sandals are ideal options to beat the blues of this season.

Skinny jeans and capris

This is the time to go for cotton capri pants as well as skinny jeans. The ankle baring capri looks great with ballet flats and strappy sandals. This is the perfect season to slip into your skinny and low waist jeans.


The look is incomplete without the right set of accessories. However, the humid weather is accompanied with a lot of sweat which ultimately leads to rashes, itching and allergies. So, make sure that the jewelry that you are wearing is of good quality and suits your skin. The entire body is covered with clothes, so, flaunting your accessories during this season is not possible. However, you can try any style during summer. You can go for the cute cat accessories. It suit every sort of personality and can effortlessly turn each and every head around.


Men Good Looking Tips

A white shirt

Every man should have a pair of those white, crispy shirts in his closet. It is a simple, seasoned and studied good looking tip for men. It can go very well with both casual and a formal set up. When you are in a white shirt, you don’t really have to think twice because you are sure to look good in it in any possibility. But in order to do away with the boredom, you can mix and mash up with some colours once in a while that would add some punch to your personality as well.

Denim Jeans

When you want to know how to look good, this is a must-have in every guy’s wardrobe. A pair of denim jeans is synonymous with the dude with the swag. It is a perfect casual look anyway. They lend a sort of nonchalance when worn which is really sexy. The other more important plus point is that it helps to keep you cool down there in the sweltering heat. When you want that unfettered look, you have the options to go in for a pair of faded or ripped jeans and if you wish to be subtle, you have the options to go in for the solid ones. There are a variety of shapes and sizes, we’d say slim fit jeans look good on a guy if he is a little shapely but it wouldn’t suit someone who is more like a straight line.


A good pair of sneakers would complete the look. There are many brands out there all screaming for attention. Brands like Nike, converse, Adidas, Puma and more. They are available in all colours and patterns.


Here is another important good looking tip for men. T-shirts again are a very important part of the male wardrobe. The main logic behind this is that they are very comfortable, they are specifically cut out for casual outings and they look great on a pair of denim. If you want to experiment with them, you have options as well. You have umpteen t-shirts with different patterns like the crew neck, polo neck, mandarin neck; collared t-shirts so on and so forth.

Men’s underwear

Well, guys might not show this off publicly, but underwear sure is one of the crucial parts of your clothing. There is a number of fashionable men’s underwear in the market that goes with one’s personality. You have men’s briefs that are a snug fit on your junk, jockstrap mainly for athletic personalities because it provides support and a good hold to your man goods. To feel confident, you have to feel comfortable down there and this is certainly one of those tips for looking good that you can’t ignore.


Sunglasses are absolutely mandatory for your eyes. They not only up the style quotient adding an extra definition to your face but also protects your eyes from the harm UV rays of the sun. There are numerous brands out there in the market. You have Ray ban, Tommy Hilfiger, Idee, Armani so on and so forth, so do you want to know how to look good? Just get yourself a pair of good sunglasses.